Breakfast, the most important meal of the day is my favorite. I love waking up a little later on a Saturday afternoon and have brunch at a breakfast restaurant. In Ann Arbor, there are several places that you can get a hearty breakfast: Broken Eggs, Afternoon Delight, and our subjects of this topic, Cafe Zola and Angelo’s


I have previously already talked about Cafe Zola, so here’s just some more pictures of the environment in and out.

Cafe Zola – Interior

Cafe Zola – Outdoor Seating

This Ann Arbor famous Angelo’s has been a part of the town since 1956. The restaurant was opened by Angelo Vangelatos and his wife Patricia Verames. Business flourished over the years and their son Steve took over the family business in 1986. Located on the corner of Catherine St. and Fuller St., you can often see the line out the door especially on the weekends.


Angelo’s omelette selection

Cafe Zola Omelette Menu


Southwestern Omelette

The omelette was very appetizing. I loved the blend of peppers and chili. The only down side was that the omelette was a little watery from the juices that were infusing out of the pepper and chili.The herb roasted potatoes are full of flavors in and out.

I really love the customization option at Angelo’s of the omelettes. There is a good portion of the omelette. My favorite is to stuff the omelette with cheese, mushroom, and a form of meat. The side of potato is delicious.



Both places have superior food, but overall Angelo’s wins over due to the price and options.