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Who doesn’t love a well cooked burger? This popular American dish has its fair share of prominence in Ann Arbor. There’s the places that specialize in burgers such as Five Guys and Blimpy Burger. Of course there are more places that serve burger such as Buffalo Wild Wings, Charlie’s, and the two places I recently visited, Sava’s and Red Hawk. 


Sava’s Restaurant opened in June of 2007 in a small location next to Totoro Japanese Restaurant. Over the years as business thrived, they moved to their current larger space which is located next to the Starbucks on State St.The new location is very spacious. The bi-level restaurant has seating suitable for all party sizes.The inside is well lit during the day and the lights are dimmed for dinner time to give a more romantic atmosphere.

Red Hawk is a popular campus bar and grill located on State St. right in between 7Eleven and Amer’s . The front door doesn’t seem very large, but it extends to the back in an elongated shape with booth along both side of the restaurant and seating in the middle. The environment is definitely more cramped, but fit for college student social settings. There isn’t a lot of seating for bigger parties of more than 6 and it is quite crowded during rush hour time.


Sava’s serve a wide range of dishes from Panini Sandwiches, Pasta, Burgers, and other specialty dishes they offer. They have traditional hamburgers as well as a few unique creations such as the Inside-Out 4 Cheese Burger, which has the cheese stuff inside the burger patty.

At Red Hawk, you can customize your own burger from a list of toppings.


Top Right: Mushroom Swiss Burger
Bottom Left: Inside-Out 4 Cheese Burger

At Sava’s, the meat is cooked to medium-well. The patty is nice and thick. It was a very solid burger, difficult to fit into your mouth. The bread is also spread with a unique burger sauce instead of the traditional mayonnaise. The bread was delicious and the spice makes it unique. I always love sweet potato fries with my burger, adding just a little bit of sweet and savory to the burger.

Classic Burger with Cheddar Cheese, Grilled Mushroom, Guacamole

As I was looking for new burger places to explore, a friend of mine recommended the Red Hawk to me. I has excited about customizing my own burger. It was the first time I’ve had guacamole with burgers and it was quite delicious. The burger isn’t as aesthetically pleasing and the bun isn’t very well risen. The meat is cooked just right at medium well. When you eat the burger as a whole, you can’t taste the grilled mushroom too much, but separately it tastes well seasoned and grilled just right.



The reason I picked Sava’s is for their atmosphere as well as a overall more well rounded burger. The bun and the sauce definitely makes Sava’s unique.