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This is another one of those less traditional posts as I am really only focusing on this one dessert so I will just focus on the taste.

Tiramisu, literally means “pick me up” in Italian. It is made of ladyfingers soaked in coffee and topped with a cream and cheese mixture with powder chocolate sprinkled to cover. This is by far my favorite kind of dessert. The aromatic smell of coffee, the smooth and creamy consistency of the cream, and the hint of sweetness from the ladyfingers all give just right right balance to the overall satisfying taste. Almost everywhere I go, I try to get my hands on Tiramisu if possible. I have also successfully made this dessert at home. Delicious I tell you!

Many places on campus offer this in their dessert menu: Za’s, Cottage Inn, Amer’s, La Dolce Vita, The Earle, and many more. Two places that I most recently visited is La Dolce Vita and Amer’s.

La Dolce Vita is a gourmet dessert and fine wine store that is right next to the Chop House in downtown Ann Arbor, located on Main St. Like many places in downtown Ann Arbor, it is considered much more pricey. The dessert at La Dolce Vita is quite well known and worth treating yourself to if you get a chance. The Tiramisu is $7.95 here. It is served with chocolate drizzle and chocolate curls on top. Taking a bit in to the Tiramisu, you can taste the rich coffee, soft ladyfingers, and the heavy mascapone cheese. Everything is well blended and balanced in taste. The coffee is just strong enough that there is still a strong hint of it even through the sweetness of the ladyfingers. The chocolate curls on top are made from smooth milk chocolate that melts in your mouth.

Amer’s, as I have previously introduced is located on central campus. It is a sandwich, dessert, frozen yogurt, and ice cream store. Talk about variety. Amongst the many dessert items offered, there’s the Tiramisu. Originally I was hesitant about trying the Tiramisu here, but every time I went to the store, the Tiramisu always caught my attention. At Amer’s, the Tiramisu has a thick coco covering on top. The more bitter coco taste works very well with the sweeter taste of the rest of the dessert. The mascapone cheese is creamy and you can taste the hint of coffee. However, the lady fingers are not as well soaked through with coffee as it could, some parts is still just a little bland with only the taste from the ladyfinger.



Both places offered good quality Tiramisu, but La Dolce Vita won due to is more well balanced texture and flavor. If you are ever craving for something sweet, don’t forget to give Tiramisu a try!