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Surprisingly in such a large college campus, there isn’t a lot of smoothie places. There use to be a Beyond Juice on Liberty, but that has since closed. This flavor ice blended drink is my go to whenever I am looking for a refreshing cool down during those warm summer days.

Here on campus, there are two places that still specialize in selling smoothies, Freshens and Smoothie King.


Freshens is located at the bottom of the Michigan Union along with all the other food places such as Auntie Anne’s and Subway. Its smoothies are all natural, with no high fructose corn syrup and no trans fats.

I didn’t discover Smoothie King until this past summer. Located in Kerrytown, it is not a common area of campus that people frequently visits. It is mainly a store that focuses on combining nutritional values such as protein and vitamins into this a delicious blended drink.


My favorite drink by far at Freshens is Mango Beach. Even though it is a low cal smoothies, it definitely does not detract from the refreshing and sweet taste of a smoothie. It is not very heavy, but rather well blended of peach and mango taste.

At smoothie king, the portions are rather large. Even the smallest drink will fill you up and their large is almost impossible to even hold with one hand. When I visited, I had the pleasure of tasting the strawberry kiwi. The smoothie because of its more nutritional ingredients is thicker. The strawberry kiwi had a very strong taste of the kiwi, which was a bit sour. Overall the smoothie was thicker and more filling.



Whenever I think of smoothies, I always look for ones that are refreshing, smooth, and doesn’t require effort to drink through a straw and freshens does all of that. Even though both smoothie king and freshens offer tasty smoothies, I find myself missing the smoothies from freshens more often than smoothie king. The thicker consistency of smoothie king set me back a little more.