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My last attempts to enjoy good weather basically ended in me grabbing anything that is cold. Of course that includes ice cream. Ice cream was one of my favorite type of dessert growing up. Surprisingly since coming to college, I have actually slowly drifted away from eating ice cream (of course having majority of the school year be winter does not help).


In Ann Arbor, there are two prominent ice cream stores, Stucchi’s and Ben and Jerry’s. I was first introduced to Ben and Jerry’s over 10 years ago. Back then I was in the stage of my life where I loved the fancy dishes such as the banana split. Eating so much ice cream would always give me the stomachache afterward. Ben and Jerry’s is a store opened by two close friends in in 1978. This Ben and Jerry’s store is located on S. State. St. Inside, the store is colorfully painted. Going to Ben and Jerry’s always brightens my day. During the cold winter days, it could warm me up. There is enough seating for about 20 people with a few booth along the walls, some individual round table seating, and some high seating along the windows.

Stucchi’s, unlike Ben and Jerry’s, is a more locally owned. Mainly located in Ann Arbor with a few branches spread in Houston. There are two Stucchi’s in Ann Arbor, one on S. University and the other right next to the Ben and Jerry’s on State st (talk about competition). The inside of the store is definitely not as nicely kept up as Ben and Jerry’s. The store is dimmer and less aesthetically pleasing. There isn’t a lot of seating space, mainly spread along the walls of the store, which will probably seat 10 – 15 people.


Of course, every kid wants choices. I have to say, when it comes to ice cream, both stores have quite a nice range of choices from your traditional heavier flavors of cookie dough, chocolate fudge, to the healthier alternatives of raspberry sorbet, both stores got it covered. Ben and Jerry’s offer just a little more creative flavors/names such as chunky monkey, chubby hubby, creme brulee, and red velvet.


I think, to judge ice cream fairly, I really have had to try a variety of flavors from each store. Over the years, my taste in ice cream have changed from liking more chocolate flavors, to my coffee flavored ice cream craze, to now more fruity desires. All these years, I haven’t even come close to sampling all flavors offered.

At Ben and Jerry’s I feel that the flavors are heartier and heavier. You can definitely taste the cream that is inside the ice cream. It is also just a tad overly sweet, especially the more chocolate flavors. Some of my favorites include: Coffee Heath Bar Crunch, Black Raspberry, and Berry Berry Extraordinary.

At Stucchi’s the ice cream tend to be silkier and smoother. It is less creamy than at Ben and Jerry’s but the flavors are more balanced and not overly sweet. Some of my favorites include: French Silk, Raspberry Sorbet, and Coffee and Cream.



This one was also a difficult one to choose from. I always change my mind depending on my mood and the season, but Ben and Jerry’s won over a little more for it’s more varied taste and creamier consistency. Overall, I enjoy ice cream that is heavier in cream. Of course the only way to find your desired taste is to go out there and explore! Don’t be afraid to try new flavors every time you stop by to get a scoop!