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I have been flooding the blog with drinks. So here’s some food to fill that hungry college appetites.

Pizza, it is the staple American food along with hamburgers, hot dogs and fries. When you held birthday parties or sleepovers, pizza was often the popular choice to feed the large masses of people. This flat disc shaped “doughy” product, often served with tomato sauce wasn’t an American invention. It began in Italy.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted to do this:

Mad skills I tell you.

So in this college town, we do not lack this famous Italian dish. They serve it in the dorms, casual and fancy restaurants. You can find pizza almost everywhere you go.

Although I have a little confession to make, pizza is not one of my favorites. I much prefer cheesy bread, but that doesn’t stop me from trying a few pizza places just to see if they can change my mind.


Silvio’s. Where? You might ask. This organic ristorante and pizzeria has been around for over 25 years. When you are not paying attention, you will most likely miss this shop. Located on N. University, the shop is hidden behind Sushi.com. People often walk by without a glance. Inside the shop, it is quite cozy. The space is small and nothing fancy.

Cottage Inn, located on East Willams st. It has been in this town for over 50 years. I remember often ordering their pizza during high school for club events. The door front isn’t very large however once you walk in, you see it’s true size. There are two floors. The place is dimly lit and it feels like it’s a shop you would find in a small Italian village.


At Silvio’s, I know I was at first offset by the “organic” label. Everything organic is often associated with tasteless. The menu was what caught my attention. Along with the traditional tomato based sauce, you can have just about anything on your pizza from their creative pre-designed organic pizza selection to the “build your own” pizza choice, you can probably design anything and everything you want. There is also the choice of 6”, 10”, and 16” sizes so it will fit people of all appetites.

Cottage Inn, is definitely the place to go if you want a nice hardy meal. The pizza are what you expect of the traditional “american” style from the dough to the toppings. You can find your classic pepperoni to the sweet and savory Hawaiian.


So which two pizza choices did I have the chance to encounter?

Onion pizza from Silvio’s

Above is the twin set of the onion pizza at Silvio’s, which incorporates Onions, peas, bacon, eggs baked together in milk & mozzarella. When I first saw this it immediately caught my attention. All the ingredients I would have in an omelet on a pizza, it sounds just perfect. My friend and I had the pleasure of enjoying a 6” all to our selves and let me tell you, it definitely satisfied my appetite.

The heartiness of this pizza makes my mouth water. The crust is thick and soft, which I like (yes I am one of those strange people who enjoy eating the crust of the pizza more than the pizza toppings). I have to say though, olives on my pizza is still not a favorite for me. The texture is slightly odd. The smell and presentation is definitely a plus, but I would probably try something a little more unique at Cottage Inn the next time I visit.



There is no doubt that from creativity to taste, it is the winner. Yes the presentation may be sub-par, but considering they could make a pizza that makes me want to go back again and again, they are definitely doing something right.

So next time you are walking on N. University, don’t forget to stop by for a quick bite at Silvio’s It is definitely worth the adventure. I am so glad I gave it a shot!

Take a chance at unique and unknown places and you may surprise your self with what you may find.

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