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I admit it, it’s an addiction. A costly one at times as well. It started out as an interest to the aroma, but then moved on to the taste in other foods, and now it’s THE STRONGER THE BETTER! What is this evil chemical substance that is talking over my soul?


Of course living in this college town, we often don’t go a day without absorbing some of this stimulus into our blood streams. There’s the constant debate of whether coffee will eventually cause the deterioration of your health (we can leave that for the nerdy scientists to figure it out). As a college student, it is my holy grail and something that will probably never leave my life (because we all know how the 9-5 work days will do to us).

The two most popular places on campus and most well known are Espresso Royale and Starbucks.

Well if you live in a big city, you probably can’t walk down half a block before you run into a Starbucks. When you have choices though, what do you do? So here are some of my experiences on just the coffee.

In the vicinity of the central campus, there are two Espresso Royale and two Starbucks. So in terms of number, they are on equal standings. I have to say though, Espresso is much closer to campus buildings than Starbucks, which tend to be hidden more down the streets. So Espresso is much more convenient for those college students in a hurry to get to class.


So what about the coffee? If you have ever been to espresso, you will find one of these following cups:

A small coffee costs $1.59. You walk in, as soon as you walk in, you can smell the coffee aroma. You ask for a small, medium, or large coffee and they will conveniently hand you the cup. Off to the side of the counter you can see a selection of 4-5 different blends of coffee: Italian roast, Verona, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Irish Cream, etc. Everyday there is a different selection for you to satisfy your taste buds. Of course there’s also the cream, milk, sugar, and flavored powders for you to create your own perfect blend.

Starbucks, do I even need to speak anymore? Recognize this?

I have to say though, the inventor of Starbucks was either extremely intelligent or just wanted to make everyone’s life a little more difficult. I mean “Tall”, “Grande”, “Venti”, and now “Triple Venti”? Who came up with system? If you walked in asking for a “small” coffee, everyone will be staring at you as if you came from a different planet. Once all the drama regarding the cup size is over, you can move on. A “tall” coffee costs $1.59, but if you bring in your own mug, the refill price is only 50 cents! There’s also the Starbucks reward card member in which if you are Green or Gold status, you can get refills on coffee and/or tea for FREE! The typical blend that you get at Starbucks would be pike. Sometimes you also have the choice of Verona, but in general you do not get as many choices as that of Espresso.


I have to say, after so many cups of coffee, there is nothing that beats the strong affect of Starbucks coffee. As soon as I drink it, I can feel the effects of the coffee running madly through my blood stream. I become excited and super hyperactive (which may not be so good in most situations). I really enjoy the choices of Espresso coffee. Often when I want a more mild and tasty blend, I would definitely go with Espresso. However, if I need the true effect of coffee, Starbucks is a must. Over the years, I have found myself more and more drawn to Starbucks mainly for its taste and atmosphere of the shop.

Starbucks will always be my ultimate choice when I need that extra boost of crazy.