This little college town, Ann Arbor, feeds about 25000 undergrads every day. Just on central campus there are 6 dorms dinning halls! The two that I frequent the most are Mosher-Jordan (Mojo) and North Quad (NQ). These two dining halls are the newest ones on campus.


Mojo dining hall was renovated and expanded in 2008, featuring more and open seating space, improved environment, and added food selections. It is also the dining hall that now feeds 4 of the Hill area dorms, adding up to 2000 students!

Then there’s the famous NQ! Built on the famous land of the old Ann Arbor High School, this building opened its doors for the first time last Fall. Many have called it Chateau De North Quad from its elegant interior decoration. It is both a residential area as well as office building to many of the departments on campus. Of course we can’t forget about the dining hall. Fancy lighting hangs from the ceiling of the dining room. The space isn’t large, accommodating around 150 – 200 people, which can get quite chaotic during rush hour.

Now, on to the food, because that’s all we really care about right?


In general, the display of NQ dining is much more pleasing and professional; however the food selection is much more limited than that of Mojo. There’s always the staple food: salad, pizza, and sandwiches. At NQ, there would usually be an entree customized for vegetarians. There are usually 3-4 other entree selections.


Here’s a look at what was served at NQ today for dinner!

Top: Red Cooked Pork over Asian Style Rice
Left: Chicken Dianne, Grilled Portobello with Barley and Key Largo Blend
Right: Salad made my yours truly (It’s a masterpiece! I know!)

Overall, it was a mediocre dinner. Not one of the best presented by NQ kitchen of experts.

Of course if you were at Mojo, you can also expect to have burgers/fries (mmmm so good!) and sushi (yes actually eatable).


So what is the verdict on Mojo vs NQ? Who’s food reigns supreme? Well often it just comes down to what your stomach demands that day. If you want larger quantity, Mojo is the definitely choice for you. If you are avoiding that freshman 15 and wants a more aesthetically pleasing experience, come on over to NQ! Considering there are pros and cons from both sides, today, they will just have to sit on the same level and leave it up to the undergrads to decide for themselves.